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Lily Floor Lamp | Outdoor / Indoor | Rechargeable

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Elevate the ambiance of your home, indoors or out with the Lily USB Rechargeable Lamp, a sleek and versatile lighting solution designed to complement your home.

Whether you're entertaining outdoors or creating a cozy atmosphere in the living room or setting the mood for a dinner party, this lamp brings style and convenience to your lighting experience.

The USB rechargeable lamp offers the freedom to place it wherever you desire without being tethered to a power source. With a modern and minimalist design, it seamlessly integrates into any setting. 

With adjustable brightness levels to suit various activities and moods this lamp adapts to your needs effortlessly.

The rechargeable battery ensures that you always have a reliable source of light at your fingertips. Simply charge it via USB, and enjoy hours of illumination without the need for constant battery replacements. 

Size: 35 Width x 35 Depth x 151 Height cm

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