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KRISTINA DAM | Monolith Vase | Large

KRISTINA DAM | Monolith Vase | Large

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The Monolith vase from Kristina Dam Design Studio is made of stylish grey stoneware.  Designer vases from Copenhagen. The Monolith vase is a modern designer-vase, capable of carrying living flowers and lavish bouquets. Seen from a distance the Monolith vase might appear as a single massive stone or rock formation. The vase has a rough concrete-like outer surface that gives it a unique urban and rocky appearance suited for the modern home interior. The vase is a sculpture in itself, and you don't have to place flowers in it in order to legitimize it in your home interior. Enjoy how the outline and form of the Monolith designer vase casts the most beautiful shadows. 

Material:  Stoneware  

Size: 24 width x  16.5 depth x 50 height cm

Care Instructions: The Monolith vases are handmade stoneware.

Small differences in shape and colour may occur.

The vases are glazed on the inside with a silicone layer making them waterproof.

The ability to contain water may deteriorate over time.

Always test before use.

Clean by hand only.

Indoor use only.

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