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KRISTINA DAM | Serif Relief Paperpulp | Dark Grey

KRISTINA DAM | Serif Relief Paperpulp | Dark Grey

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The Serif Relief focus our attention on elements of Kristina Dam Studio’s early illustrations. An interplay between form, material and light is created on the wall and adds an interesting depth to the room. The textured surfaces of the work enforce this magnetic effect, vivid and tactile, made from remnants of the textile industry by Indian women in a social project.

Material:  Cotton | Pulp 

Size: 380 width x 60 depth x 420 height

Hanging Instructions: The Serif Relief is made by hand and produced from recycled paperpulp, small differences in shape and color may occur. Be sure to hang according to the insructions given. Use a dry cloth to lightly dust when required. Do not use water or cleaning product. Indoor only. Keep away from wet areas.

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