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Annikki Floor Lamp | Wood and Marble

Annikki Floor Lamp | Wood and Marble

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Annikki Floor Lamp with its wooden textured base is a statement piece designed to infuse your interior space with warmth, charm, and a touch of contemporary elegance.

This floor lamp features a substantial wooden base adds depth and character, enhancing the lamp's visual appeal and providing a sense of authenticity.

Standing tall and commanding attention, this floor lamp is not only a source of illumination but also a striking sculptural element that elevates the ambiance of any room. Whether placed in a cozy reading nook, beside a statement armchair, or illuminating a corner of your living space, it effortlessly adds a touch of warmth and sophistication.

With its versatile design, this floor lamp complements a variety of interior styles, from modern and minimalist to rustic and eclectic. Its timeless appeal makes it a perfect addition to both residential and commercial spaces, including living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and retail environments.

Size: 165 Height CM

Material: Wood and Marble Base | Linen Shade 

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