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Ritual & Rise Chocolate Brownie Vegan Protein Powder 400g

Ritual + Rise

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Ritual & Rise brings you New Zealand's first plant-based protein powder grown and produced in New Zealand, from locally sourced ingredients. As a matter of fact, we went one step further and created a team to grow the ingredients ourselves, right here in North Canterbury New Zealand!


There are plenty of protein companies with nice branding and pretty packaging, but that and imported ingredients weren't cutting it for us. This inspired us to bring you a plant-based protein that is better. Yes! Ritual & Rise protein powder tastes better, it is better for you, plus it is much better for our environment.


We promise to tell you the entire story around our product and your health. We promise to be transparent about where our ingredients come from, our environmental impact (mostly positive of course) and open the space for us to connect about personal health, movement and nutrition.


Now it's up to you. Double Choc Brownie, Banoffee Pie, Maple – take your pick, they all taste so damn good!

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